News: Airbnb increases fees and changes cancellation policies

News: Airbnb increases fees and changes cancellation policies

Airbnb increases fees for hosts and changes it's cancellation policies. 

In short, what is going to happen is the following:

  • The Moderate and Strict policies (less favourable to the guests), will be accompanied by an increase in host service fees, from 3% to respectively 4% and 5% to keep into account the extra protection from cancellations
  • Guests that cancels pre-trip will not be charged the guest service fees, making cancellations truly 100% refundable
  • While the upcoming changes will be adding extra benefits for guests making a reservation on Airbnb, the same can’t be told about hosts side, where only worsening conditions seem to have been introduced. 
  • Each cancellation policy will have a grace period, i.e. a set period of time before a reservation when a guest can always cancel and receive a full refund
This is just another reason for hosts to start using the better alternatives to Airbnb
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