What are the Airbnb Superhost Requirements?

01/10/2018 21:38

Airbnb Superhost requirements, full overview:

  • To become an Airbnb Superhost, your response rate must be 90% or better. This means you have answered all booking requests within a day. You should get the mobile app and commit to always accepting or rejecting bookings immediately
  • You must have hosted at least 10 completed trips.
  • No cancellations. If you cancel a booking, you'll automatically loose your chance of getting the Airbnb Superhost Badge. Don't ever cancel on a guest. Try to convince them to cancel if necessary, or just put up with them there. I sometimes asked my friends to let the guests in when I couldn't make it, so having a back-up person helps. You can decrease your chances of having to cancel on someone if you don't accept bookings long into the future. Block all the future in your calendar and only accept reservations for the following month
  • At least 80% of reviews you receive must be 5-star. With two tricky conditions: That over 60% of guests have left a review and that the 5-stars are for the category 'overall rating' and not the individual categories you see on your profile.

My advice on how to get more 5-star reviews:

  • Encourage guests to write a review. Getting over 60% of people to write a review is difficult! It is usually quite obvious when you have clicked with a guest, but many guests won't bother to leave a review. Encourage them in person to write one if they liked the stay, but don't ask directly as that would be rude. Hint that you were delighted by them and you will write them a raving review. Then do so after they leave. When you write them a review Airbnb sends them a notification but they cannot see the review until they write one, which makes them curious.
  • Be a polite, professional host. Smile, be always available, handle things with calm, let people have their space.
  • Be ultra clean. Beyond clean. Squeaky clean. Declutter everything. Vacuum and clean the bathroom before every guest. Have a streamlined bathroom with no products showing or lying around, just decorative sets to hold bathroom items. Use only white sheets and pinterest-worthy decoration in the rooms.
  • Be generous. Give people what they wouldn't get in a hotel. Behave like they are a friend of a friend that you are hosting as a favour. Tell them they can use the food you left on their shelf in the kitchen, give them space in the refrigerator, leave them cookies and offer them coffee.
  • Set up the space just like in the photo. People literally sigh with relief when they get to their room and recognize it exactly from the photo. They all feared it would be a scam and the room would not be as nice as it looked. Have the same blanket, plants, sheets, all exactly the same, give them that joy.
  • Handle problems with lots of empathy. Offer a refund, always! Whenever something goes mildly bad and you know they could give you a bad review (clogged shower, or you showed up late, or the heating didnt work, etc) apologize profusely for having ruined their day and offer a refund, showing the cash in your hand. Most people refuse and also forgive you completely and give you five stars because of how safe that made them feel.
  • Take your guests out. If you have a glass of wine in a nearby bar with them you are guaranteed a nice review and plus it is a lot of fun! Don't ever insist or ask ahead of time to make plans with then though, only offer if you casually find them home in the evening.
  • Communicate for trust. Send friendly messages after they book, send them a map to get to your home, tell them how things work, show them in a paper map where they are in the city when they arrive, leave the key on their table and the wifi on a paper underneath, offer them a glass of water.
  • Avoid bargain-seekers. People who booked your listing because they loved it and chose it over others are more likely to actually love it when they are in your home. People who booked your listing because it was the cheapest available and/or a steal are less likely to find it awesome because they feel that they compromised quality for price and thus will be less likely to give you five stars.





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