the meth breaker

02/08/2018 20:08

The Meth Breaker - The Real Time Methamphetamine Detection Alarm

Here at Global Meth Solutions, our number one priority is to ensure your investment is protected against the use and manufacture of methamphetamine (ice).  Give your guests the confidence that their health and safety is not at risk of any methamphetamine contamination.


The Meth Breaker is a real time methamphetamine (ice) detection alarm which once installed in a property, will test the air every 30 minutes for the precursors associated with the manufacture and or use of methamphetamine (ice). It sends an alarm to any nominated mobile phone in real time upon detection of a level of methamphetamine (ice) that attains or exceeds the Australian standards 0.5ug but does not alert the current occupant of detection. It will also send a weekly report identifying any methamphetamine (ice) use during that week. 


The Meth Breaker is the only patented methamphetamine (ice) detection alarm in the world and is a once-off investment negating the ongoing and expensive cost of swab testing. Previously, swab testing was undertaken based purely on suspicion of methamphetamine use or manufacture and could only be conducted at regular quarterly inspections, between tenancy inspections or upon request of the tenant. The Meth Breaker detects, monitors and reports 24/7, giving landlords and property managers peace of mind round the clock.


The device will also send an alert in real time if the device is tampered with, including attempts to cover or remove it from its position. It also represents a 100% tax deduction and has a replacement guarantee.


The Meth Breaker has been tried and tested by The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Laboratories. ESR is a crown research institute that provides services to a range of New Zealand and international government agencies and private corporations. The forensic expertise of ESR is utilised by law enforcement agencies around the world including the FBI.


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