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10/08/2018 18:17

You’re passionate about the vacation rental industry and understand that it can be a very lucrative space to play. Who doesn’t enjoy,residual income. And as a zealous traveler you have a knack and keen eye for what people want.
NOW discover a fantastic opportunity with coFounder Club ( at (
We at are looking for knowledgeable and proficient professional hosts, experienced developers, proud property owners and relaxed “Luxe Nomad” Travelers to leverage their professional skills set in order to capitalize on
Sourcing upscale vacation rental properties across the globe;
Successfully negotiating tenancy agreements with landlords 
Acquiring investor interest;
Managing guest management teams including security, maintenance, laundering etc.
Staging properties at high spec. to attract high net worth clientele. 
Professional Hosts
As a host, you oversee the operations of your own group of properties. You are in full responsibility for all management and marketing tasks.
The cofounder club member leverages their expertise allowing to handle all the marketing and property management responsibilities among other tenuous activities. In the agreement, nothing will change in terms of your tenancy agreements, contracts, and ownership agreements.
Let FullyBooked handle all your marketing, management, pricing, vetting, cleaning and maintenance along with your bookkeeping so you can focus on:
Sourcing of upscale vacation rental properties worldwide 
negotiating tenancy agreements with landlords 
Acquiring investors
Managing a guest management team of cleaners, maintenance, laundry, etc.
setting up properties as interior designer or instructing team of designer and contractors for setting up high spec units. 
As a cofounder club member you will receive a regular monthly payout from
Regardless of any seasonal interruptions and extenuating circumstances your fixed payout will be 25% to 30% greater than current market rates. 
FullyBooked is the first of its’ kind to offer rental property administration and supervision devoted entirely to ensuring your fixed high income.
FullyBooked is growing at an impressive rate with a projected holding exceeding 100 exclusive properties by 2020. As a cofounder Club Member, you can easily double and triple your annual income. Membership gives hosts easy access to a vast network of experienced vacation rental professionals. You can connect, collaborate and share - to grow together in a successful team. offers hosts individualized attention and peace of mind.
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Our professional Guest Experience Management Team (GEMT) will personally attend to all properties, managing guest check-in and check-out, acting as a concierge service for guests during their stay. We offer airport transportation, site and location recommendations, local attractions, emergency assistance and anything else a sophisticated guest may desire. 
Reservation calendar stays booked at the highest market rates. 
We work around the clock listing host properties on a big variety of term rental networks.


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