How to provide the right pillows as an Airbnb host

01/31/2020 13:49

As an Airbnb host you have a lot of responsibilities; don’t overlook an important one - providing the right pillows for your guests. Pillows are an indispensable accessory for your rental home

Your guests will likely be tired after traveling and will find immediate comfort on the correct pillow, and the overall experience in your home will be enhanced by a good sleeping experience. The number and variety of choices in pillows can make selecting the right one for you a challenging and even discouraging experience. Downlite Bedding has been a leader in the pillow market for over 30 years and offers a wide selection of different pillows. 

You can purchase your pillows directly from the Downlite website, where we guarantee to provide the same quality and comfort as a top hotel or resort,  since Downlite Bedding is a key supplier to these same properties. This modest investment will improve your rental home experience, your ratings, and your occupancy rate.  Be sure to point out the great new pillows in your property description!

We strongly recommend a minimum of two pillows per guest, i.e. if your home sleeps six you need at least 12 pillows, and preferably between 15 and 21, the extras on hold ‘ready to use’ in the closet.

What kind of pillow to choose for your Airbnb

You want your guests to feel comfy and clean as in a hotel room, and you want to cover the preferences of different types of sleepers (back sleepers will prefer a flatter pillow, side sleepers usually enjoy a firmer pillow and stomach sleepers a soft pillow).

You will be asked to select the size, firmness and type of filling.

Concerning pillow size, it is usually recommended to have a king or a queen size pillow (depending on the size of the bed) complemented with a standard size pillow. 

Concerning firmness, the choices are usually extra soft, soft, medium or firm, which should be mixed if you are providing two or three pillows per guest.

Concerning filling, you will have to select  among down, feathers, polyester, down alternative, latex foam,  memory foam and hybrid options. You should consider that some people do not sleep in animal products because of ideology or allergy.  This is one reason why you would opt for hypoallergenic or down alternative pillows.


We frequently advise our customers to favor a durable classic pillow, and consider hotel pillows, which come in soft, medium or firm.

If you are looking for a single pillow that will satisfy the greatest number of sleepers, you might consider our 3 in 1 pillow, and, depending on the season or your location, you might consider a cooling pillow.

Please note that Downlite Bedding offers value bulk packs, such as 10 pillows, or 4 pillows.

We suggest creating a pillow menu for your guests, such as this one:

Sleeping position

Pillow density 





Down or latex




Down Alternative




Memory foam


Your guests may then select their preferred pillow from your selection.


How to care for pillows

Some pillows can be machine washed and dried, however a protective cover is strongly recommended, since the pillows for your guest must be spotless, or you might be exposed to criticism. A pillow cover keeps your pillow feeling new longer.  Additionally it is much easier and less expensive to wash a pillow protector than to wash a pillow.

If you would like any help or professional advice before ordering your pillows, you may contact our customer service representatives by phone or email, and they will assist you in your decision-making. 

Downlite Bedding is ready to help you be the best host you can be by providing that “extra something” that will help your property stand out. 

Author bio: Guest post contributed by the Downlite Bedding team. Downlite designs, manufactures, and markets comfort bedding for major hotel chains, airbnb hosts, and consumers. The family-owned business is an industry leader with three generations of product-knowledge and experience.


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