How to give your Airbnb guests a great check-in experience

03/04/2020 19:20

The check-in is probably the most important part of a guest’s stay. The impression that they have when they first arrive will affect how they view the rest of their stay - and any problems checking in could lead to unhappy guests and negative feedback. On the Airbnb Tips Blog this week, we've asked KeyNest to give four essential tips for ensuring a smooth check-in for your guests.

Communicate clearly with your guests

As an Airbnb host, communicating clearly with your guests is essential - and nowhere is this more important than with the check-in. Confirm in advance the time your guests will be arriving, and if your guest is arriving into an airport or a train station, suggest the best way for them to get from there to your Airbnb. If you're using a self check-in solution like a key exchange service, make sure your guest has all of the details that they need to check in.

Offer self check-in

Whether it's because your guest has a delayed flight or just because they want to sit down for a meal at a local restaurant on their way to checking in, check-in plans change. Offering your guests self check-in allows your guests the flexibility to check-in when they want, taking a lot of stress out of their trip right from the start. Offering self check-in is also a requirement for your listing to be a part of Airbnb for Work - a collection of homes recognised by Airbnb as being suitable for business travellers. Getting properties into Airbnb for Work is a great way to increase the nightly rate and earn some extra revenue.

Make your guests feel welcome

Guests choose Airbnb because they want to feel like a local and live in a home from home, so making them feel welcome right from the start is essential. Many hosts who rent out their spare room will welcome guests in person, which adds a nice personal touch, but if you're welcoming your guests remotely, then make sure to have a welcome guide. This will make your guests feel at home right away, as well as answer any questions they might have right off the bat, saving you the effort of replying to routine guest queries. Guests love personal recommendations from their hosts, and a welcome guide is a great place to put suggestions for your favourite local restaurants and attractions. 

Make sure the property is immaculate

If your guest arrives and they immediately notice that the property is dirty, then they're not going to be impressed. If you don't host that regularly then you might clean your home yourself, but if you're taking hosting more seriously then using a cleaner or a professional Airbnb cleaning service is a great way to ensure consistency. It's also not just dirtiness that will leave a bad impression on your guests - if any of your appliances don't work, then you'll quickly hear about it from your guests. Have a checklist in place that you can follow to make sure that everything in your Airbnb apartment is working as it should be.
About KeyNest: KeyNest is a secure key exchange service with thousands of locations in over 500 cities worldwide. When Airbnb hosts can't meet their guests or cleaner in person, they can drop their key off at their local KeyNest store and share them remotely. Head over to KeyNest's website to find out more.


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