Hospitality Expert Tips: Designing the Ideal Bed for your Guests

03/18/2020 21:41

Author bio: Guest post contributed by the Downlite Bedding team. Downlite designs, manufactures, and markets comfort bedding for major hotel chains, airbnb hosts, and consumers. The family-owned business is an industry leader with three generations of product-knowledge and experience.


The spirit of hosting is simply offering comfort to your guests. As an AirBnB host, you want to deliver a perfect experience to your guests. Equipping or dressing your guests’ beds should not be an occasion for recycling old bedding and pillows; this seeming savings will affect your rating and consequently lower your overall profitability.

Actually some of the most frequently mentioned aspects of hotel and AirBnB reviews beds & bedding. Knowing that the primary reason your customers are dealing with you is to stay overnight at your home, you have to provide impeccable and comfortable beds. Your guests are going to spend more of their time in bed than on any other piece of furniture in your home. A good sleeping place helps your guests feel at home, and the better they feel, the better your ranking, and vice versa.

Here are some details that you, as an AirBnB host, might want to keep in mind, since they can impact your ratings. Downlite has, for decades, been one of the top providers of bedding for hotels and resorts, so purchasing your bedding from them assures quality and durability. 

Protecting the mattress and pillows:

Because you cannot clean your mattresses and pillows for each guest, it is essential to protect them with a mattress protector and pillow protectors. Stains on your mattress or pillows can seriously affect your rating, since your guests reasonably expect a clean and pristine bed.

Protecting your mattress and pillows will also minimize the accumulation of allergens and dust mites. Allergic guests will appreciate the absence of an allergic reaction when waking (or the opposite, the allergic guest will notice right away a bad reaction to the bed you provide). It is recommended of course to regularly wash and renew your mattress protector and pillow protectors.

Offering comfort:

Mattress pads are optional, but if the mattress is complemented with a mattress pad it will add an additional layer of comfort to your guest bed. This option improves the softness of the bed, especially for firm or extra firm mattresses. You do not want your guest to wake up complaining of an uncomfortable mattress or bed because this impression could radically impact the guest’s rating of your property. 

A comforter is also optional but strongly recommended. Adding a comforter provides the same presentation as a hotel bed, and provides additional comfort to your guests. The majority of quality hotels offer comforters, and most of the people in the United States use comforters in their own homes. You do not want to risk disappointing your guests on this point. 

Concerning the pillows, several options are available. Keep in mind that as a host you want to provide the right pillows by taking into account the various sleeping positions and allergies that your guests might have. It is recommended to offer at least two pillows, and preferably three, per person. 

Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases have to be selected thoughtfully and carefully, since they are going to be in direct contact with your guests. You should always prefer a classic option for material, colors and thread counts. And never reuse the green polka dot set of sheets your dear aunt Cecilia gave you years ago, even if it seems to be a practical or short-term solution. 

A nice blanket across the foot of the bed will finish the look of the guest bed, similar to a hotel room, and add comfort.

Pro tip: leave extra pillows with different firmness or fillings, an extra set of sheets, and one or two blankets in a closet. Let your guests know of the bedding choices you offer and this detail will be noticed and appreciated. 

Adding a touch:

If you want to enhance the experience of your guests in bed even more, you might consider adding special accessories.

You could add a reading wedge, which will please and comfort your guests while they are relaxing, reading, doing crossword puzzles, watching TV or even having breakfast in bed.

You may also consider offering body pillows, not only for décor purposes but also because they are especially appreciated by pregnant ladies, babies (and their parents) and stomach sleepers.  

Accessories like will play in your favor when it is time for your guests to evaluate your presentation and give you a review.

If you need assistance to choose or determine what products to purchase you can contact Downlite’s customer service representatives by phone or email.

And remember, part of being a good host, perhaps the single most important part, is providing a good bed for your guests.



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