10 tips for being a top Airbnb host

11/21/2019 12:24

An increasing number of people are renting accommodation for flexible rentals and short term rather than spending time in hostels and hotels, meaning that the property management industry is growing at a fast pace. All hosts should be aware of this, especially if they plan to rent their accommodation to guests.

Being a good host isn’t just about your property; there any many factors that come into the equation. You want to give your guests the best experience possible, no matter why they’re staying in your accommodation.
Make sure you have accurate property listings. Don’t use photos of fruit in a bowl or generic photos of the area if you want to show the best features of your accommodation. People will want to see the actual furniture they’ll be using and the real views they’ll have from the windows. No one wants to have a vision of what they think the property looks like in their minds and then they find out in reality, it looks completely different.
Keywords will also play a big part in your listing as well. If you have accommodation in another country, try your listing in that language - “host profesional de airbnb” for example. More people are likely to search for and find your listing.
Also, make sure to look at the prices of other accommodations in the area and judge what you think your property is worth compared to these. People will pay the price that you’re offering, but only if your property listing shows why they should pay that price.
Speaking of pricing, make sure that your listing doesn’t include any hidden fees and is very clear on pricing. Have a section on the listing that tells your guests what will happen if there’s any damage to the property and include cleaning fees and deposits. Ensure that your check in and check out times are very clearly written and mention if there are any extra fees for late check ins/outs.
Furthermore, make sure that all of the rules for staying in your property are clear on the listing - for example, if you aren’t allowing pets to stay at your property, make sure that rule is clearly stated. Make sure to tell guests if there is a minimum stay time and mention the maximum amount of guests that are allowed to stay there.
When your guests arrive/leave, they may have problems checking in or out, so make sure you are available during these times. Even if you have measures such as key security boxes or keyless hosting (which mean you don’t necessarily need to be at the property to greet the guest), be available on the phone or via the internet at the very least. This is especially helpful for guests who just want to enter the property after a long travel and relax. It’s also useful in case there are any problems that may have arisen with the property or in case the guests have said they might be late.
Being welcoming and friendly is key, so before your guests arrive, ask them how they are travelling to your accommodation and if they require any assistance with the local travel. Even if they don’t require any assistance, it’s always good that they are aware that you have the knowledge in case they need to use it. Also ask them if they have any special requests for the accommodation and if within reason, try and where to those requests.
Make sure that you are very knowledgeable about the area where your property is and give as much information as possible. Imagine that you, yourself are a tourist and think about the tings you’d want to know about - what are the best things to do, where are the best places to go and what do you absolutely need to go and experience?
Include maps of the local area and even pinpoint the parts that are the main tourist attractions. Also include travel guides to help people to get to wherever they’re going and what sort of transport they can use and average prices. If there are discounts available, let your guests know, especially if they are there to go sightseeing. Also, ensure that emergency service numbers for that country are readily available in case anything happens.
If possible, ask the guest(s) beforehand why they are visiting the area. Is it to immerse themselves in the culture? Is it for sightseeing? Do they plan to live there and are looking around for properties? You can then advise them best based on the answer they give you.
Being a good host isn’t just about being a professional host, it’s about being attentive to the guest’s needs. If you do have knowledge on anything that a guest wants to know, then make sure you share that knowledge! The guest will be likely to contact you or use you again in the future.
Whether your rental property is located in London, France, Italy or any other European destination, you should understand you local area and seasonality. For example if you are managing an Airbnb property in Italy, you should be fully clued up on local laws, national holidays and local hotspots. If you aren’t physically located at your property, you can turn to a local property management company for support. 
Imagine being the guest. How would like the property to feel and look? Put yourself in the shoes of the guest and make the area something that you, yourself would appreciate. If it’s not somewhere that you would stay in yourself, then it’s likely your guests won’t want to stay in it either. For example, your guest has searched ‘air bnb Paris’, they’re probably looking for a place that has a Parisienne feel that is close to all of the major landmarks. Depending on the theme and look that you have in the property, make sure that the décor is suitable for the guests and is of a high standard.
When each guest leaves, ensure that everything still works and that everything has been cleaned. You don’t want a guest arriving and then saying that the door doesn’t lock properly or that the toilet doesn’t flush. These sorts of complaints might also affect reivews if the property isn’t clean or not everything in the property works properly.
Lastly, in a world consumed by technology, a lot of properties nowadays have WiFi. Interestingly, 46% of people need WiFi in their accommodation if they are going to stay there. It’s your decision if you want WiFi for your guests (depending on the sort of accommodation you are offering), but if you do have WiFi, make sure it’s a decent speed and that the password is easily accessible for your guests when they arrive.
Finally, after a guests has completed their stay, ask them if it’s possible to give you a review online and to recommend to people they know if they enjoyed their stay, In 2016, 49% of Airbnb users preferred to use the Airbnb service rather than using hostels and hotels so it’s very clear that Airbnb property management is something that should be valued and taken seriously.
The more positive reviews you receive, the more people are likely to stay in your accommodation after seeing your listing. If you do receive a negative review, don’t ignore it. Take it on board, listen to the guest and try to put any wrongs right. Also, make sure to listen to suggestions (if there are any) and implement them if possible.
If all of these hosting tips sound a bit daunting, or if you simply don't have the time to spend on you rental property, you can outsource all of this with an airbnb property management company like Hostmaker.
Our expert services are tailored to your needs as a landlord or homeowner – we can handle as much or as little of the short term guest rental process as you desire, supporting on everything from property listing, professional photography and guest communication, to pricing strategies and accommodation maintenance. 


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