10 things I love about Airbnb

07/06/2016 20:36

I’ve used Airbnb since more than 5 years, both as a host and a traveler. Here’s 10 things I love about Airbnb:

  • The opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. I’ve hardly had any negative experiences and the cultural exchange has given me so much and is an inspiration to continue using Airbnb
  • I’ve made friends through Airbnb I’m staying in touch with on a regular basis
  • By giving away Airbnb travel credits to my friends and blog audience I can earn credits to spend on my own travels. Get your own Airbnb coupon here to spend on your first trip.
  • The extra money I’m getting every month from renting out an extra spare room in my apartment has given me the chance to travel and live the life I like to live.
  • Browsing all the beautiful listings on Airbnb gives me inspiration and new ideas
  • Airbnb has made travelling cheaper. Renting through Airbnb is often much cheaper than hotels and saves me a lot of money when I’m on travel
  • Two years in a row I’ve been lucky to have the chance to go to Airbnb Open, it’s so motivating to meet fellow hosts from all over the world
  • It’s exciting to be a part of the new and progressive sharing economy

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