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The ultimate guide for new or experienced vacation rental owners
Do you own a vacation rental? Or would you like to get started? We're helping vacation rental owners succeed. Read more to find our tips for the new as well as the experienced vacation rental owner:

Free advertising on the most popular vacation rental sites

We'll help you advertise your listing on the most popular vacation rental sites. We'll only recommend the most branded and trusted vacation rental sites with millions of users worldwide. You can sign up with the most popular vacation rental sites at absolutely no cost here, or you can let us do the job for you
Free advertising on the most trusted and reliable vacation rental sites is crucial to increase the number of bookings and earnings. The below mentioned sites are the biggest and most trusted websites in the industry. And most importantly, it's free, fast and easy to create a listing.  Every vacation rental owner should have a profile on the following vacation rental sites:
Flipkey is tied to Tripadvisor, the largest travel website in the world with millions of users. By creating an account with Flipkey your vacation rental will be displayed on the Tripadvisor network including 12 large travel sites and Tripadvisor itself. it's free and easy to create a listing. 
Did you know that vacation rental owners advertising on Flipkey earn an average of $26 000 per year? 
Airbnb has become the number one website to display private vacation rentals. You can rent everything from a couch to private rooms, flats, houses, villas, castels and boats. 
Website similar to Airbnb. Recently got a free-to-list-option. 
Another site within the Tripadvisor holiday rental family. 
The Airbnb for boats. Get a $100 coupon if signing up through the above link
Free trial of this great channel manager: Get your own vacation rental website, take direct bookings and avoid fees.
Once you have an account with the above sites, you should consider to sign up with more trusted vacation rental sites to increase exposure and maximise number of bookings . 

Get started with your vacation rental business

This chaper is for those who are new to vacation renting. If you're already an established vacation rental owner, see our SEO tips and other useful marketing tips below. 
Do you have an extra guest room, flat or house for rent? It's easy to earn money on it by renting it to travelers in your area. And you'll earn far more than the market price for long term renting. 
The easiest way to get started is to sign up with the largest and most trusted vacation rental sites such as Airbnb, Flipkey and Tripadvisor. It's fast, easy and most imporantly FREE to create an account with these sites and there are no obligations - you can rent your space whenever you like. See the full overview of the most popular and trusted vacation rental sites here. 
As written above, the best way to increase the number of bookings is to advertise on multiple vacation websites. You should start by adding your vacation rental to Flipkey by Tripadvisor and Airbnb as they are the biggest and most trusted websites in the industry. And most importantly, it's free and easy to register your vacation rental. Once you have signed up with Flipkey and Airbnb you should consider to add your listing to more vacation rental websites, we have made a list of the most popular vacation rental websites here. 
In addition to free exposure, these sites will give you a ton of marketing tips. 
Website marketing
All vaction rental owners should have a website to display their holiday rental. It doesn't have to be complicated, make a simple website and make sure to add important information such as directions and contact details. And most importantly, add some high quality pictures of your property and the area. Picture sells. I'm using the simple webnode tool, which has a lot of pre-built templates suitable for vacation rental websites. 
Use the website to take direct bookings (which will save you the usual 15%-20% booking fee) or link to your Airbnb or Flipkey profile to increase the chance of getting bookings there. 
SEO tips for vacation rental owners
Whether you have a website or not, every vacation rental owner should know basic SEO to increase number of bookings. If you are promoting your vacation rental on Airbnb you should know the Airbnb SEO tips to get on first page when someone makes a search for a property like yours. 
All the most popular vacation rental websites  have their own tricks you should know to optimize your vacation rental listing for more bookings. 
Furthermore you should learn basic SEO to make your vacation rental website or listing visible in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. More visibility means more views, bookings and profit !

Vacation rental owner? Use social media to get more bookings

Social media platforms such as Facebook or Google plus are great to promote your vacation rental business. Create a Facebook business page to disply your vacation rental. Make sure to add important information such as contact details, directions and upload some high quality photos. Link from your Facebook page to your Airbnb profile, Flipkey page or your own website to increase the chance of getting more bookings. Ask your friends, family and network to promote your links and use it to connect with potential guests and general audience. It's a great way to give them regular updates on special offers etc. 

Got a vacation rental? Let us do the job for you.

If you're a vacation rental owner or a private person considering to rent your guest room, flat, house or other property to earn some extra money, we'll help you to get started today - at no cost whatsoever. 

1) We'll help you get listed on the most popular and trusted vacation rental sites - and they are all 100% free to use. 

2) We'll optimize your ad to make sure it shows on top of search when someone searches for a property like yours

3) We'll help you set up the ICAL calender booking system, which enables you to receive bookings from multiple vacation rental websites without risiking double bookings. 

4) You can email us any time with questions. We have many years experience with private vacation rentals and we're glad to help. 

Drop us an email today by using the contact form below and we'll get back to you within few hours. 


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