Airbnb marketing tips

Got a property listed on Airbnb? The following Airbnb marketing tips will help you get more happy guests, more inquiries, more bookings and higher profit.

1) Advertise your Airbnb on more platforms

Advertise your rental on more websites similar to Airbnb. 

In addition to Airbnb you should add your property to large and trusted vacation rental sites such as Flipkey, Roomorama, Tripadvisor and Holidaylettings.  Did you know that property owners advertising on Tripadvisor earn in average $26 000 a year? 
Booking, the worlds largest hotel search engine, recently opened their platform for private holiday home owners, meaning anyone owning an Airbnb can put their listing on Homestays at no cost.  
Advertise your vacation rental on multiple websites to get more exposure. 
More exposure = more bookings = more profit. 
It's that simple
Once you have a property listed on Airbnb it's fast and easy to copy the text and pictures to othe websites. Manage bookings from multiple vacation websites easily by using the ICAL calendar tool to reduce the chance of double bookings or use a professional channel manager tool such as Lodgify or Airgms to update your availability in real time.
See the complete list of trusted Airbnb alternatives here.

2) Improve your Airbnb ranking 

Get on top when someone searches for a property like yours. 

Especially if you are renting your property in a popular area,  you have probably noticed the competition can be fierce and it's getting harder and harder to be on the first page when someone searches for a vaction rental on the Airbnb website. And as more and more properties are added daily and weekly you must know how to defend your place on top of Airbnb search. 
Our comprehensive guide Airbnb SEO Tips and s trategies gives you the steps to climb to the top of Airbnb search and stand out from the crowd. 

3) Get your own professional booking website

By taking direct bookings via your own website you’ll save 15-20% commission. Here are some recommended tools:


It’s never been easier to create a website for your vacation rental business. By making guests book directly via your own Lodgify website, you’ll increase your direct bookings, free from commissions. It’s fast, free and easy to get started. No coding or design skills are required; just choose your template and the rest will be done for you. It takes only a few clicks to get online.  

Easily take credit card payments on your website. All  worldwide currencies are accepted securely on the SSL-protected website. There are no commissions or hidden costs.

In addition, you can automatically synchronize calendars, rates and reservations across sites like, Airbnb and more.


4)  Airbnb Marketing in Social Media (ASMM)

Use social media and search engines to promote your vacation rental

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to Airbnb marketing. As a vacation rental owner, you may think there’s not much for you to gain by using social media to market your Airbnb property – but you’d be wrong. Even if you only have a single place and you’d consider it “nothing special,” if you’re not using social media for your listing, you’re missing an opportunity to get more bookings. 

Here are the top social media platforms to consider:

Airbnb marketing on Instagram

Because so much of marketing a vacation rental is about images, Instagram is the #1 platform where you should be building a following and engaging.

Instagram is a great place to post photos of your vacation rental (remember to use professional pictures), photos of your neighborhood and places you like to recommend to your guests, and much more.

In your Instagram account, include a link to your Airbnb listing or website in the bio.

Search for relevant hashtags, such as #airbnb #airbnbsuperhost #airbnbhome #airbnbLondon #AirbnbParis #vacationrental ++ Look at other relevant and popular accounts using similar hashtags, and start experimenting

Airbnb marketing on Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to make your friends and network (and their networks) aware you have a vacation rental. Ask your close family and friends to share, and maybe you’ll gain some extra bookings from it.

You might get some bookings directly from your network, but more importantly your listing will get something called social signals, which in turn will help your listing appear higher in search engines such as Google or Bing. This increases your change of getting more views and bookings. 

You can also build your own website to promote your vacation rental. Whereas most booking sites take a 15% - 25% booking fee, you will keep more money on direct bookings through your own website. I'm using the free version of Webnode to promote my listings. It's a free and simple webcreator to use, and it has a free payment solution as well.

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Got a vacation rental? Let us do the job for you.

If you're a vacation rental owner or a private person considering to rent your guest room, flat, house or other property to earn some extra money, we'll help you to get started today - at no cost whatsoever. 

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Airbnb marketing

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