Airbnb marketing tips

Got a property listed on Airbnb? The following Airbnb marketing tips will help you get more happy guests, more inquiries, more bookings and higher profit.

1) Market your bnb on multiple vacation rental sites

Advertise your rental on more websites similar to Airbnb. 

In addition to Airbnb you should add your property to large and trusted vacation rental sites such as Flipkey, Roomorama, Tripadvisor and Holidaylettings.  Did you know that property owners advertising on Tripadvisor earn in average $26 000 a year? 
Advertise your vacation rental on multiple websites to get more exposure. 
More exposure = more bookings = more profit. 
It's that simple
Once you have a property listed on Airbnb it's fast and easy to copy the text and pictures to othe websites. Manage bookings from multiple vacation websites easily by using the ICAL calendar tool, making sure you will never experience double bookings. 
See the complete list of trusted Airbnb alternatives here.

2) Improve your Airbnb ranking 

Get on top when someone searches for a property like yours. 

Especially if you are renting your property in a popular area,  you have probably noticed the competition can be fierce and it's getting harder and harder to be on the first page when someone searches for a vaction rental on the Airbnb website. And as more and more properties are added daily and weekly you must know how to defend your place on top of Airbnb search. 
We have gathered some simple advice to to climb on the Airbnb ranking, see our page Airbnb SEO Tips.

3)  Airbnb Social Media Marketing (ASMM)

Use social media and search engines to promote your vacation rental

An underrated Airbnb marketing strategy is to use social media to promote your vacation rental. If you have an Airbnb or Flipkey profile, you can easily post the link to your property listing to Facebook and other social media. 
Ask friends and family to share your link. You might get some bookings directly from your network, but more importantly your listing will get something called social signals, which in turn will help your listing appear higher  in search engines such as Google or Bing. This increases your change of getting more views and bookings. 
You can also build your own website to promote your vacation rental. Whereas most booking sites take a 15% - 25% booking fee, you will keep more money on direct bookings through your own website. I'm using the free version of Webnode to promote my listings. It's a free and simple webcreator to use, and it has a free payment solution as well.

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