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As an experienced vacation rental owner and Airbnb host I decided to make this website to share my experiences and to get in touch with other hosts and travelers. A few friends who are also dedicated Airbnb hosts also joined me and together we're running this site - mostly for fun and because it's rewarding to help and interact with others with the same interest. 
We've all been renting successfully since several years and on this site you can read our tips for hosts, based on our own experience. 
We can also help new Airbnb hosts to get started or review your exisiting listings to help you get more bookings and earn more money, don't hesitate to contact us with questions etc 
Read our articles below with lots of useful tips for fellow Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners: 

10 best vacation rental sites where vacation rental owners can list for free

Have you got a room, apartment, house or cottage for rent? By listing your vacation rental on more sites you'll get more exposure, more bookings and more money. 

In this article you'll find an overview of the biggest and most popular vacation rental sites where owner can advertise. And most importantly, it's fast, free and easy to create a listing. List your vacation rental for free at these vacation rental sites

Would you like us to do the job for you? Send us a message by using the contact form on this site and we'll list your vacation rental on the most popular and trusted sites, optimize your listings for more bookings and help you configure the ICAL tool to avoid double bookings. 

10 alternatives to Airbnb

Here you'll find an overview of alternatives to Airbnb. If you're already renting on Airbnb you should consider signing up with these sites to get more bookings and to earn money.They are all free to join and it's fast and easy to create an account. 

The ultimate guide for vacation rental owners

Do you own a vacation rental? Or would you like to get started? We're helping vacation rental owners succeed. Read our tips for the new as well as the experienced vacation rental owner: The ultimate guide for vacation rental owners


Airbnb SEO tips

It's a proven fact that people are more likely to click and book the listings appearing on the first pages in Airbnb search. And with 100's or even 1000's of Airbnb listings in the most popular areas, and more listings added every week, you better stay ahead of your competitors. The following tips will help your listing appear higher in the Airbnb search engine, get more visitors and more bookings. Read more here: Airbnb SEO tips - how to get on top of search

A must read for every vacation rental owner:

  • 10/12/2019 19:50

    Avoid Airbnb fees - the ultimate guide

    Avoid Airbnb fees. Airbnb takes up to 20% of your profit. What if there was a simple way to keep those money? With these simple steps you can keep more of your hard earned money. Get your own...

  • 12/18/2018 22:06

    Top 20 Vacation Rental Software

    Here are some of the widely used vacation rental tools and software you can take a look at.       Lodgify vacation rental software If you are looking to manage bookings for your...

  • 08/03/2017 22:36

    Airbnb phone numbers by contry

    Airbnb brags about their 24/7 open customer service, but numbers are well hidden on their website. So, we're making it easy for you and providing all Airbnb local phone...

  • 02/25/2017 00:28

    We'll help you list your vacation rental

    Do you own a vacation rental? We'll help you list your vacation rental at all the biggest and most trusted vacation rental sites worldwide. These includes: Flipkey by Tripadvisor /...

  • 01/16/2017 21:50

    Advertise boats on Airbnb

    Did you know you can advertise boats and yachts on Airbnb? If you've got a boat and people can spend the night in it, earn some good extra money by putting it on Airbnb. Other sites to advertise...

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