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Udated November 2020

Airbnb SEO tips for Airbnb hosts. 

As a rental property manager, your number one goal is to make people book your place. But before you can land a booking, potential guests need to find your listing. If you’re not on the first couple of pages of Airbnb’s search results, then you’re unlikely to get many inquiries.

Spanish version: Consejos de SEO de Airbnb para anfitriones de Airbnb.

With 100's or even 1000's of Airbnb listings in the most popular areas, and more listings added every day, you better stay ahead of your competitors. 

The following tips will help your listing appear higher in the Airbnb search engine, which in turn will lead to more visitors, more bookings and more money.

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Airbnb SEO tips


Airbnb SEO tips for improved ranking in search

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The following factors seem to influence your listings ranking in the Airbnb search engine:


# The Title

Create an attention grabbing title

Create an Airbnb Title That Appeals to Your Audience. As the title is the first thing guests see, it must catch their attention. Your Airbnb title should create an impression of a very sought-after rental that will meet all the expectations of your guests. It is a good idea to include suggestive words to compose a great title.
Airbnb allows up to 50 characters for an Airbnb title, make the most out of this limit ! Use abbreviations and symbols when there are several features you want to include. 

# The Photos:

Choose the right photos
  • Have at least 20 high resolution pictures on your listing
  • Airbnb verified photos seem to help on Airbnb ranking. Airbnb offers a professional photography service to get Airbnb verified photos. 

# Profile and description: 

  • Include a place or landmark in the title of your listing. Repeat the landmark name in the summary and in the detailed description.
  • Make sure your profile and your listings are complete. Remember to complete the amenities, home safety and guidebook sections. Completed profiles and listings seem to rank higher among Airbnb listings than other listings.
  • Super host listings seem to appear higher in search (not verified)
  • Correct language without spelling or grammar mistakes. Get a professional to review your Airbnb listing.
  • The price. Check the average price for similar listings in your area and adjust your price accordingly. The Airbnb host assistant section will give you a better understanding of the market.

# Airbnb Response time and response rate

Respond quickly to every inquiry 
  • Another important factor for Airbnb SEO is the response rate. Make sure to answer all inquires as fast as you can. A short response time and a high response rate will boost your listing in Airbnb search.
  • Airbnb rewards hosts that respond to all initial inquiries within at least 24 hours.
  • Instant booking can influence your ranking in a positive way as instant booking has positive effect on your response time, which is an important ranking factor.  
  • If you can’t provide a complete response, reply with a simple “I’ll get back to you shortly.” 
  • Keep your calender updated. 
Do you want more bookings? Try these Airbnb alterna tives to fill up your calendar. 

# Reviews

  • A large number of reviews and many 5 star reviews are still one of the most important factors. 
  • Airbnb Superhosts get a badge that make them stand out in search 

# Social influence

  • Share your listing on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links from these social media platforms pointing to your listing shows Airbnb that your rental is worthy of highlighting and you'll be reworded accordingly.
  • Post your listing on all of your social media accounts and ask your friends to like and share it.
  • Furthermore, the number of times your listing has been added to someones wish list will help your Airbnb listing in search


  • Make your listing appear in external search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) and other search engines by applying general SEO principles, see more on Airbnb keyword search below. This will drive traffic to your profile and listings and improve the chance of getting booked.
  • Create your own website for your listing. If your listing disappears from Airbnb, you'll still own your own content and be in control. 

#Airbnb keyword search

Airbnb has removed it's keyword search feature, meaning potential guests can no longer search for certain amenities on the Airbnb website. Still, adding relevant keywords to your listings description might help your listing show up in search engines such as Google. 
And finally...
If you're looking for more bookings and more money, you should consider to put your listing on similar websites to Airbnb, see our complete guide to  Airbnb alternatives  here

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