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For a limited time members of Airbnb can handle out Airbnb travel vouchers to friends, family and personal contacts / blogger audience. This coupon gives you $25 / £16 / €20 (*depending on the exchange rates) off any vacation rental:

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At Airbnb travelers can search thousands of beautiful rooms, flats and houses for rent by private people. Airbnb has been extremely popular the last years with millions of users worldwide.In most cases accommodation found on Airbnb is cheaper than other accommodation in the area, and by using the voucher above you can save even more on your first travel.

How to use the Airbnb travel voucher

The Airbnb travel coupon can be used to reduce the total price of any accommodation in any city. When you have decided to book an accommodation the value of the travel voucher will automatically be deducted from the total price at the check out page.

Do Airbnb travel coupons / vouchers expire?

The travel voucher must be used within one year before it expires.

Why am I giving away free Airbnb coupons?

By giving away free Airbnb travel coupons to friends, family and blog readers, I get points I can use for my own travels. If you sign up using my invitation link,  you're not only getting a large rebate if traveling on Airbnb, but you can also give YOUR friends free travel coupons.

Other sites where you can get travel coupons / freebies: 

In addition to Airbnb I would recommend to get a free account with the sites below. In addition to being able to search a wider range of properties I occasionally get travel coupons and freebies to spend on my holidays:

Flipkey by Tripadvisor





Give your friends free coupons too

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Give your friends coupons too

Did you find this information useful? Please like or share with your friends on Facebook :)


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